8 comments on “Malawi

  1. your photos are wonderful and I think, I’m sure, much more the sensations you feel seeing these spectacles and above all the people, principally children. We are one feeling with you in our heart!
    Ilaria e MASSIMO

  2. Hi Roberto and Matteo…….once again you have brought tears to my eyes. The video which showed a child with literally a rag on, made me feel ashamed, of all our worldly “things” that we continually take for granted. Much food for thought ! And the smiles of all the children brought peace to my soul.
    Thanks again so much!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, I appreciate the fact that you not only take the photos, but then write about them and put them on the internet. It is amazing that you can do that where you are travelling. Very National Geographic. I used to live in Zambia when I was little, so I showed my mom and dad your photos too. They loved them. And another amazing coincidence: I am taking two Pearson College students during the Christmas break and guess where they are from this time? Egypt and Sudan!!! Take care and Happy Trails, Jennie

  4. Mais quel est votre parcours ? je n’arrive pas à le trouver (je veux dire celui l’apres Malawi?? C’est toujours aussi intéressant, mais je voulais lire davantage (par le net) sur les pays que vous traversez. C’est une très bonne idée de jouer au ballon, cela empêche les petit momes d’être agglutinés à la camera, un peu de percussion ou de trompette serait également chouette…Good luck et bons baisers. Veronique.

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