End of the Asian Continent

Our Route

After exactly one month of traveling we arrive in Tokyo. The end of the Asian Continent. In our memories, we leave behind extraordinary roads and different cultures and extraordinary people. Arriving to Tokyo has been a goal since the beginning of the journey a year ago. It is a mix of feelings between a great sense of achievement and sadness because we are leaving our motorcycles in storage. They are being shipped to Canada for the new North American adventure.


We were both very surprised to receive a beautiful welcome to Tokyo from Honda Headquarter. This is thanks to Matteo that is riding a truly  magnificent bike. An old 1989 HONDA Dominator. We were invited to the Honda headquarter where MR. Takashi Horikoshi and Mrs. Marina Nagai were waiting for our arrival. They generously gave us a small gift and presented “Asimo”, a human robot made by Honda that with proper programming can do almost everything a real human can do.

Roberto di Frassineto, Asimo Honda, Matteo Salvaneschi

The next day we have scheduled a meeting to take care of the shipping of our bikes. We meet with Mr. Ido at isicar where we start all the procedure to export our motorcycles. Matteo’s Honda will be shipped to Canada and my KTM back to Italy. We would like to thank all the staff at isicar for making the procedure simple and reliable.

After leaving our motorcycles, the only thing left to do is to wait for our flights back home and rejoin with our families that we both terribly miss . Matteo and myself, after traveling truly in the middle of nowhere feel a bit like fish out of the water in a city like Tokyo. A city full of concrete, lights and shopping. A great city but not really for us. Now we are ready for the American Continent that will take us to our new “Good Cause” in Colombia.

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