To Montenegro

_DSF0147 copyYesterday we entered a new country once again. Montenegro welcomed us with smooth, sticky pavement, glorious sunshine and the breezy vistas of the Adriatic.

It seems each day tries hard to surpass the last, and the ride over the mountains on the old road from Kukes to Schkoder (now less traveled since the new highway was built) was the best mountain riding I’ve done – decent pavement, excellent weather and spectacular views. And the turns… Andrew tried to count them and couldn’t keep up, so he took the average minute and tallied 15-20 turns per minute or a turn every 3-4 seconds! And this went on for kilometres at a time in between the ‘straight’ sections, where the turns only came every 10 seconds. Pretty wild. There was some magic in creating these routes; Roberto had put in the time and called on all his experience to put the plan together.





At one point up very high we stopped to look at a bunker and a tradionally garbed woman called up to the bunker and invited us to share some cherries. Later we stopped at a fish farm on the top of a pass and had fish which had been swimming in the pond delivered to our plates in 10 minutes.



The border into Macedonia went well; Roberto going first with his EU passport and charm, Andrew follows and explains how the Canafian registration and his counterfeit-looking insurance works, then I usually breeze through. At the border we met 7 Poles who were doing a road touring trip to Athens.


The roads immediately improved in Mobtenegro and followed a beautiful narrow white limestone gorge, eventually ending up in Ucinje, a resort community on the coast. What a change…

_DSF0145 copy










_DSF0087 copy

_DSF0107 copy






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