May 22nd and 23rd 2011

We wake up at around noon with a lot of doubt about being able to go to Turkmenistan. Being Sunday there isn’t much we can do. We still decide to make our way to the Turkmenistan Embassy in Baku to see at least if it existed since the phone number we had did not have an answering machine. We took about 5 taxis in total to try to locate the Embassy. Every taxi driver when we showed the address of where we wanted to go seemed to know its way around. They had absolutely no clues. We finally found the Embassy but the Police at the front gate told us that it was closed and to come back the next morning at 9.00. We were released by the fact that the Embassy existed and seemed well organized.

The following morning we wake up at 7.00 Am all ready with our belongings hoping that since my letter of invitation was in their system it would be just a matter of printing it. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We get to the Embassy and we are told that there is no Consul but only the Ambassador and he does not take care of this kind of matters. At this in front of the gate. We were not even allowed to go inside the Embassy.  My last resort was to call Natasha which arranged all my Visas for this trip and explain her the situation. She was able to get in contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in London and after another 5 hours we finally received an email with my letter of invitation. Exhausted but relieved we jump in a taxi to go back to the port where our bikes were waiting for us. The good news is that there was a Cargo boat ready for departure the same evening. WE ARE OFF TO TURKMENISTAN.

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