Nicaraguan Road of Terror


After a brief visit in Bluefield we attempted to get a boat back to El Rama only to find out that there would not be a boat until monday. Today is saturday so we decided to ride our motorcycles through the jungle on a sketchy road at best called La Trocia. After asking many locals about the road condition which none of them had actually been on, we decided to give it a try as time was running out. We were pleasantly surprised for the first 10 kM.  The road was a typical rocky bumpy gravel road that was easy to navigate on our bikes. Then we hit the mountains with slimy red clay more slippery sections than black ice with inclines and decents that certainly are not legal for road construction. Having said that there were a few 4×4’s with horseback being the main mode of transportation on this lets call it a path. We figure we happened upon between 50 to 75 locals on horseback and donkey ( cowboys armed with guns and machetes ) certainly the prefered way of transportation .Every time we asked how much further we had to go the answer was about an hour. It took several hours to cover 100k the intense jungle heat had us feeling like we may not make it. Luckly we had ice in the cooler to cool us down after we helped each other pick up our motorcycles after they would slide out from underneath us. Lee dumped his bike in the middle of a river and we thought oh no the bike would never start after that. But the KTM did not let us down. Matthew’s heavy BMW struggle up the steep ascents with tires spinning and smoking clutch. Unfortunately after hitting the crest of the mountain we realized we were in the middle of the mountain range. At one point the BMW refused to go up any more steep inclines and some locals came upon us and 5 men helped push the bike the last 50 feet of a long steep incline. later and many crashes and many river/stream crossings we high-fived each other and were happy to arrive in New Guinea for a well deserved rest. The plan for the next day is to head down to Costa Rica where we will store the bikes at a Government bonded storage. Costa Rica will be the last leg of this segment of the trip around the world on Motorcycle. Next will be from Costa Rica to somewhere in South America. More information on future plans to come soon.













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