Traveling through Africa on a motorcycle it has been defiantly challenging but the emotions you get are immense. It is probably the most challenging ride so far since we started this crazy project to help less fortunate children around the entire world. The good chemistry between Matteo and myself made the emotions take over the difficulties. We left beautiful Namibia from Katina Mulilo border and entered Zambia on the other side of the Zambezi River.


After a long bureaucratic procedure at the border we start riding toward Livingston. We arrive in the evening and we find a charming room at the guesthouse named ZigZag. You can’t be in Livingston and don’t take some time to visit one of the seven wonders of the world. The Victoria Falls. In the morning I can’t believe that our behinds were actually sitting in a car. Boy did it feel good. The taxi driver takes us at the entrance of the park where this magic of the world is waiting for us. We are now in the low season and we are literally the only people around. What a beautiful way to see this place. Completely alone.

zambia 2 (6 of 7)

zambia 2 (5 of 7)

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zambia 2 (1 of 7)

zambia 2 (3 of 7)

Next few days we are traveling slowly due to the not great road condition toward Malawi. Here are some photos of our journey. Zambia has so many places to visit. Especially to the north. Our bikes have already performed well and we do not want to push them to the limit. The parks where it is possible to encounter Wilde life are few hundreds kilometers from our itinerary which is along the Great East Road. Most of all in order to reach them we have to take secondary roads in terrible shape so it is a no go. Still too many kilometers to go in order to reach Italy…….We, therefore try to use the best roads available to us in direction to Malawi. The people we encounter on the road are welcoming and  we wish we could visit Zambia a little longer. Zambia has been independent for 50 years and its full of different ethnic groups. Despite that peace has been in this country ever since its independence.

Old village chief
Old village chief
Pubblic transportation in Zambia
Pubblic transportation in Zambia
Children at a village we stop for a rest
Children at a village we stop for a rest
zambia 1 (6 of 7)
Our Motos in the village



zambia 2 (1 of 1)

zambia 2 (1 of 1)-2

zambia 1 (1 of 7)

This little guy was amazing.
This little guy was amazing. He insisted to clean our bikes for 1 dollar.
Typical breakfast. Sheep Head and interiors
Typical breakfast. Sheep Head and interiors
The girl that gave us lunch on the road side.
This girl gave us lunch on the road side.
Matteo with his new friends
Matteo with his new friends

8 thoughts on “ZAMBIA”

  1. great cause great tour! go and check out the brooks family, their hospitality is famous…. they are running (at least in 1998) a lodge in choma and croc-farms near vic falls and lake kariba. joe brooks is a legend!! and i hope, he is still alive. they were also running carpenta fishing on the lake kariba and own(ed) chikanga island where they allowed us to stay for a couple of days. there is so much beauty in travelling the lake at night or in the early hours collecting croc-eggs from the tiny islands for the farm…are you going to south luangwa too?….saluti della germania and always enough road under your wheels…edmund

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