Leaving beautiful Namibia

As usual we wake up early to start traveling with cooler temperature of the morning. Around noon the temperature can easily reach 35 to 39 degree celsius so making some Kilometers in the early mornings is a must. The road we follow is between the atlantic coast of Namibia (Namib Desert) and the Kalahari Desert. traveling on this road is not easy with these temperatures. The Kalahari desert is known to be the second most dry desert in the world after the Atacama desert in Chile. The roads are mostly gravel roads and can be very dusty making our day driving not an easy task.


Our destination for the day is the Skeleton coast, where the desert meets the Atlantic ocean. (Dorob National Park).  We follow the only coastal road heading north and it seems to be riding on the moon. There is absolutely no one around us and the landscape is magical.


 It is time to head east as the itinerary for us is still very long. The fact that Matteo and myself always choose to drive on secondary roads instead of major ones, it gives us the opportunity to have direct contact with local tribes that are still living in this area maintaining their traditions. Some example we found were the Himba women, which are known to apply a mix of red clay, butter, and wild grass to make their skin look of rusty color. On the other hand the Herero women are dressed with clothes that take their influence from German missionaries that were in the area during the Victorian age.
To our eyes, the way of life they lead, has not changed in centuries which makes our experience so much more true and exiting.


The only cheap way of accommodation in this region is for us to camp in the bush. A great feeling in a magical scenery if it wasn't for the constant fear to be in the path of elephants and risking for them to step on our tent while we are sleeping.




As we move closer to the middle of the country the vegetation is changing from truly a desert surrounding to a more lush environment. We are now following the border with Angola toward Oshakati. The goal is to approach as quickly as possible a region known as the Caprivi Strip. We drive along side the river Okavango that makes this land full of fauna and vegetation.

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 Many are the beauties and attraction of this country but the warmth of the people is what touched us the most. The kids are always surrounding us as soon as they have a chance. They are always ready to wave at us while we ride by their villages giving us the most amazing smiles.

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 We are somewhat sad to leave Namibia so soon. We both know that some day we will be back. Truly an amazing country. Now Zambia is waiting for us and the expectations and excitement on our side is high but also the unknown………

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