About Us

Roberto di Frassineto:

I have started traveling on motorcycles at the age of 14 when I made a trip around Italy with my beloved Vespa 50 cc. Since than I never stopped. The bike I choosed for this trip is without any doubt the best modern dual sport bike for such an adventure ! The KTM 990 Adventure ! I want to thank Fabrizio Giovannini for the help he has giving me preparing my KTM 990 for the trip. His knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated. Grazie Fabrizio. As for the 2nd Segment of the trip I will ride still a KTM but it will be the much lighter 690 Enduro R with some modification.

Vespa 50cc Special
Roberto di Frassineto in front of Mt. Ararat.
Feeling Good
She will be taking me from Canada to Argentina

Matteo Salvaneschi:

My relationship with the two wheels started at age 14 with my grandfather’s “Califfone 50 cc”.I started to enjoy the wind on the face and a freedom to travel independently in cohesion with the environment and people you meet on the road.  Very soon, I found a theory of life with which I am totally in tune  with : ” Live life with knowledge in order to have knowledge while you  are living it.”  The most amazing things that remains inside yourself after this kind of trips is the contact with people, places and cultures. All of that increases in me the will to live.

Being a romantic soul, I couldn’t have chosen anything better than a Honda Dominator as my partner for this trip. The Dominator was the first bike I ever owned.

I chose the Honda Dominator for Its reliability and its not excessive weight. I bought this 3rd  owner bike and I am in the process of rebuilding it from the ground up for the trip.

Califfone 50cc
Rocco e i suoi fratelli
Honda Dominator BEFORE

As of April 06, 2011 my Dominator is ready. Just a few details to add but the rebuilt bike is good to go.

Honda Dominator AFTER
Matteo Salvaneschi and my beautiful BMW 1150 GS in Turkey ( Crater of Nemrut). I decided to leave her home for this trip.
Rocco wondering where I am………
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