Map Of Malawwi
Map Of Malawi

Our hopes and expectations about Malawi were very high after hearing many good things about it. After crossing the border between Zambia and Malawi ( Mchinji ), we are immediately overwhelmed by a peaceful and serenity feeling. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, but the expression of the people, the fresh air, the fields, the colors immediately gave us a welcoming feeling.

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Cyclist transporting a load of coal

Our goal was to reach Penga Bay on the shores of Malawi Lake. The lake immediately appeared to us as being more of a sea rather than a lake. The water is pristine, the sand looks and feels like being somewhere in the Caribbean part of the world. The rich vegetation, the warmth of the people around us is a great opportunity to finally relax after having spent over 6,000 Kilometers in southern part of Africa.

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Penga Bay
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Penga Bay

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Road Block

Our itinerary takes us north along the shore of the lake. The scenery is once again magical and the interaction with people every time we stop for a break is very emotional. In Malawi there are not many cars but bicycles are by the thousands making our riding somewhat more difficult than the previous african countries we travelled through.

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Fish Market

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Lake Malawi

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Camping for us is a must in this country. In Bandawe we set our camping site where we were completely alone with our motorcycles on the beach. It seems like we were in a desolate island surrounded by mango trees. The only people we saw were some fishermen on their canoe at a distance.

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Fishermen on Lake Malawi
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Sunset on Lake Malawi

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Our Campsite

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Getting closer to the border with Tanzania ( Songwe ), affected us a great deal emotionally. The country and its people have given us a tremendous feeling of wellbeing. Malawi is a proof that even if you don’t have anything you can live life with huge dignity and be able to live with one another in harmony despite difference in religions and origins.

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Another Road block
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Our view from our tent

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Typical Malawi village

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