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Hello friends,family and followers. We have arrived in Capetown for a few days now and unfortunatly we weren’t able to pick up our bikes and start the adventure right away. It is a long story but hopefully this delay will not jeopardize our mission to help less fortunate children in this magnificent continent.

Matteo and myself always had positive attitude in our journey around the world and that has helped us in finding people always willing to help us whatever the situation might have been. In this respect we have to mention David and Jennifer. They are the owners of the B&B we are staying. They helped us maintaining our stress level to a minimum while we were trying to clear some bureaucratic procedure in town. Their house is warm and welcoming. If you visit the city in the future we highly recommend to stay at their place.  Here is the link to their listing on

David and Jennifer with some friends welcoming us
David and Jennifer
At Home with Zorro,Perdy and Kylie

Another amazing person is Adrian. Adrian is the owner of ECONOTRANS which is the company we used to ship our motorcycles to South Africa. Adrian has helped us immensely. His expertise and know-how were crucial to our departure. Again, if anyone plans to ship their vehicle to South Africa to/from anywhere in the world, ECONOTRANS is the company to contact.

Adrian Schultz from Econotrans

Let’s not forget we are in a pretty special place full of culture and history so let’s go and explore as much as possible while we wait the permission to depart on our journey with our bikes toward Tanzania.

Beware of Sharks
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Table Mountain

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South Africa (2 of 13)


You can’t be in Cape Town and don’t go visit Robben Island.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Robben Island is internationally known for the fact that Nobel Laureate and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island for 18 of the 27 years he served behind bars before the fall of apartheid. Robben Island is both a South African National Heritage Site as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.





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Panorama Of Cape town.
Political leaders that were in prison in Robben Island. Mandela is the second from left
Political prisoners going back home after being released at the end of apartheid.
Nelson Mandela cell

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South Africa (2 of 4)
Matteo in Nelson Mandela cell.

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South Africa (13 of 13)


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