KOTOR – Montenegro


One of the sections we had all been looking forward to is a famed section of road snaking up a cliff out of Kotor and running over the alpine country to descend into Cetinje. Lots of tight turns as an appetizer just to get to the main course, then 24 numbered switchbacks, followed by dozens of kilometres of prime alpine riding. Even Roberto after all he has seen couldn’t control his excitement at doing this ride.


Before tackling that we followed the road around the Kotor peninsula where the views across the bay of cliffs, mountainside churches and giant cruise ships competed with those of the small old stone towns on the waters edge making it hard to concentrate on negotiating the tight turns.



Then a dose of history and culture wandering the streets of the old walled city of Kotor before being chased out by tornado like squall.



With no destination planned and with the torrential rains that had nearly drowned us in Kotor’s old town, we decided to camp and Roberto found a tiny little road that impossibly found a way down a cliff to a campsite in Rijeka Crnojevica. This is on a pastoral river leading to the Skadar Lake (or Schkoder Lake to Albanians). It is shared by Montenegro and Albania and is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula.





Tomorrow Colm may part ways with the crew as his clock is ticking.

Photos to follow…

















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