Pamir Highway

Here we go again with the request for Visas. This time the countries we will visit are Iran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan –  Tajikistan – and Kyrgyzstan. The reason is to travel to the Pamir Highway along the Wakhan Corridor along Afghanistan on the Kyrgyky side. The plan is pretty challenging to put together but Matteo and I are extremely exited to get back on the road together as a team. Matteo has put to sleep his old trusted Honda Dominator. Don’t worry….. She is still alive and sound but she is now retired for occasional Sundays outings. A well deserved retirement for the old Dominator. His new baby is a 1987 Transalp 650 that with the help of his good friend and mechanic Silvio, he has carefully rebuilt new for this more demanding journey.  As for myself I will travel with my 2016 Honda Africa twin that replaced my beloved KTM 990 Adventure after the completion of our epic journey around the world.

Roberto’s Africa Twin.
Matteo’s Honda Transalp.

Our planned departure is set for the first week of July. According to the map below the journey will be approximately 11,000 Kilometres and will take about 40 days to complete. Even though internet access will be limited, we will try to post our progress of the adventure as much as we can. Make sure to follow us on the road HERE for our current location.


16 thoughts on “Pamir Highway”

  1. Hi guys. Nice to have you along. Yes we are planning to go through the lake. Would not miss your advise…..We are following you guys as well. What an amazing journey you two are having. Looking forward to see you in Victoria this winter to share stories. Cheers.

  2. So excited to follow along! In Mary stY at hotel Mary! In Dushanbe Green House. Don’t miss the ride to Sonkul lake. Hope to see you in Victoria this winter. Hello from Sulawesi.



  3. You are right. But as someone said once: a path with no obstacles does not lead anywhere…….. looking forward seeing you soon in Italy. Cheers.

  4. There is no yesterday on the road only new sunrises and a overwhelming gladness that something new has begun
    Good Luck to you both and say hi to Matteofor me

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