In this trip around the world I have crossed many countries so I don’t worry too much about the bureaucracy involved. Let’s not forget that Italians invented such a thing and in a way I feel very much at home. Before crossing into Honduras, all the people I have asked information about the country told me to keep our eyes open as the crime rate is higher than any other countries in Central America. After crossing the border from El Salvador, none of us felt uncomfortable in either crossing the border itself nor riding into the county. The initial plan, due to some running out of time for Mike, was to reach Nicaragua as soon as possible, but with the guys we soon decided that it would be a pity to be here and not explore Honduras countryside. Well let me tell you that it has been a great country to visit. I really wanted to explore the northern shore of Honduras but at the same time we committed that we would escort Mike at least all the way to Nicaragua so time was not on our side. I promise myself and Matteo that we will do Central America again because there is so many thing that I have missed about this part of the world. The roads are in decent shape and we opted to cross the northern border into Nicaragua called Las Mano. In order to get there we are riding though a region called El Paraiso. (The Paradise). We climbed to about 1500 meters and encounters many pine trees along the way. The temperature was also finally very pleasant. To make some extra cash it is customs for families to put a barbecue in front of their residence and cook some chorizo, chicken, or meat for whoever wants a bite to eat on the street. It is a great way to have a conversation with the locals. Usually we start talking about soccer to begin, but soon there after politics seems to be their favorite subject. Lee,Mike,Matthew and myself absolute love this way to interact with local people so choosing a destination for dinner is never a problem.

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