11 comments on “BMW BMW BMW. Another Road of Terror

  1. great story, surprising that this is even more difficult than Mongolia 🙂 be safe!

  2. Wow Guys…What a road and Matthew those brakes must have been seriously overheated! Looks as though you were able to continue, though and finding the ranch in the middle of nowhere must have been such an enormous relief! Bet you enjoyed the dinner and well deserved rest. I was alos wondering why that hombre had 2 papas?

  3. The only thing you guys are missing is a shit load of rain up here!
    Halibut season opened up today, and after march 15 you can only keep up to a 60lb halibut.
    Anything bigger you have to throw back, the derby will be hidden weight prizes. End of an era.

    Glad to see Lees bike got fixed, what was wrong??? I am guessing Bad gas fuel line or filter plugged?

    That is a great rancheria you guys wound up in. Ask if they have any meteorites for sale.

    Mathew can cook thai food on those brake flames. COOL

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