Up at 7 this morning to travel along a road that I looked over on goggle earth. This road takes you along the coastline. Beautiful road with high winds and blowing sand made our ride a bit more challenging than expected but it was absolutely amazing. The color of the desert mixed with the pristine ocean made it like we were riding on a different planet. None of us ever rode through this part of Mexico and we are all very exited to be here. About 2 Km from Alfonsina, just before a military check point, Lee’s bike started backfired and the died. What a bummer. After a short consultation we decided to call Fabrizio, my good friend and mechanic from KTM in Italy to help diagnose the problem. Still unable to solve it we make ourselves a lunch along the way and decide to tow Lee’s bike to the closest gas station. At that point we think that the engine was starving for fuel and think the fuel pump might be our problem. Thank god we have a spare one with us and we change the pump. Still no success. The bike would not start. It could be worse but Alfonsina is truly beautiful place. There is a small hotel and restaurant waiting for us for the night. Tomorrow will be another day. We will call Scot in Victoria and try to get the bike working again and keep on riding in this great part of the world.




Fixing Lee’s bike






10 thoughts on “KTM KTM KTM………”

  1. Hello Roberto and Lee…the scene of towing the bike was incredible. take care and the photo’s are great, Marc Owen-Flood.

  2. secondo me è un messaggio del destino che ti dice di goderti questo posto meraviglioso … tvb xxx

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