18 comments on “Still surviving in Mexico

  1. C’est absolument abominable… Le prochain trip, fais un check up dentiste et le reste, AVANT de partir. Je participe beaucoup car je viens d’avoir une extraction, mais avec grande douceur et anesthesie…

  2. OMG for real. I am not too worry as I still have 32 teeth to go and about 30 more countries to cross. When I will be done with the trip i will still have a couple. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG..What an experience…I hope you had some freezing first! Forgive me if I had difficulties containing my laughter. That video post of the extraction was awesome! Poor Roberto! Hope you are feeling better now and back on the road with your Amigos. Our best to you all! Take Care and Stay well.

  4. I want to see the part where Roberto knocked over the dentist to get at all the novacaine then started doing donuts on his bike on main street …..

  5. That video is scary!! The kids want to know…. “Did the “dentist” pull out your tooth?? Did it hurt?”
    We are watching your journey. Safe travels and be safe. Makena says “please no more dentist visits!”
    Xo Jenn, Makena, jasmine

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