Deliverance ” The Movie”

August 4, 2012

Matteo has not lost his habit of waking me up early. The alarm o’clock is set by 7.30 AM. Dragging my feet I pack all my belonging and by 8.00 I insert the first gear on my KTM. We leave the old colony place of the night with the intent to cover 500 KM for the day. The main reason is that we are now approaching what has been known to be a pretty dangerous area for tourists. In the last three-month in different occasions, 3 bikers were killed while they were sleeping in their tents. In this part of Siberia there is absolutely nothing and we were told that it could have been dangerous for us to sleep outside. The only thing I can think while driving this road is the movie ” Deliverance”. The people we were meeting along the road could have all played the banjo in my mind. In order to find a sort of accommodation we have to get off the main road to a little town called Neverchinsk. Since we believe strongly on Karma during these trips, at about 7 KM from the village we encounter a local guy that had a problem with his Ural Motorcycle and decided we would tow him and his bike to the village. There we found a decent room to rest for the night.

Banjo Man
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