Nightmare still goes on

August 5, 2012

Still an early departure for us since the dangerous stretch of road is still ahead. Just outside Neverchinsk, we find a cute little orthodox chapel where a baptism was taking place. We take a few pictures and speak to the priest for a short while before starting our long riding day. The plan is to cover another 750 KM in order to find some kind of accommodation for the night. We also fill our jerry cans with fuel, as there is no fuel for the next 300 KM. When we finally arrive to the gas station that was supposed to be half way we sadly notice that there is no gas available. Our minds started to play funny games since we were in the middle of no where and close to where those poor bikers were killed in three different occasions just three month prior. A car stopped us and told us that gas was probably available in a village in the interior at about 10 KM from where we were. Having no other options we decide to follow the car to the village where in fact some gas was available. All this guy wanted was some money to buy some Vodka, which of course we gave him. With our tanks filled, we got back on the main road and try to make up the time lost. No way we would stay in the woods that night in that region.  Funny enough on our way back to the main road we meet Akira, a Japanese biker that left Oasis Coffee and Guesthouse in Ulanbataar 2 days before us. He was heading to the little village to get gas as well. We told him how to get there and told him we would wait for him on the main road and he was welcome to proceed with us if he wanted. He also was aware of the all situation and was relieved to have met us. We still had to drive for 450 Km to find some sort of safe accommodation in Never. From now onward we were a team of four to cross Siberia. Two Italians, one French and one Japanese. Sounds like an old joke to me. We hope it will have an happy ending.

Two Italians, one French and one Japanese
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