Old time Russia

August 3,2012

Extremely tire and frustrated we pack all our belongings from the camping site and drive toward Ulan Ude on road number M58.  It is certain that tonight we will look for better accommodation after the not so good experience of last night. On our way east we stop for a quick visit to an old village called Tarbagatay. In this region many villages were built by what we know “old believers”. These villages are characterized for their houses being classical Siberian houses painted with bright colors and showing characters in relation to nature. We continue our route for many kilometers before we decide to stop for a coffee break. We arrived in a shed by the road, which was supposed to be a place to have a coffee, when we were surrounded by at least 150 people. A wedding ceremony was taking place. I never saw such a young couple. They must have been 16 years old. All of a sudden it was as if we were the attraction of the day for them. They started to invite us for vodka and smoked fish delicatessen. They would not let us go and were in disbelieve by the fact that we arrived from Italy on our motorcycles. They were very kind and suggested a place for us to spend the night. Too bad there was still 250 kilometers to go but with the experience of the night before we decide to push and try to make it. The place for the night that was suggested to us was an old family colony facility where during the soviet era the families were spending their holidays paid by the régime.  It is in total abandonment but still in use by many families. It was for us a true experience of how life would have been back only 25 years ago. Upon our arrival a nice family with a child cooked for us some dinner as we were late and had no food with us. Thank you very much to Olga and Vladimir for their great pasta.

Young wedding
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