May 31st 2011

Wake up early in the morning for a good breakfast at our B&B Antica. The plan is to reach the Kasakhstan border today. Matteo doesn’t have the visa to get into Kasakhstan before June 1st but we will try to see if they let us in anyway. On our way to the border, Matteo gets pulled over by the Police for speeding but our now well-organized strategy will avoid him from paying the ticket. Once we get to the border in Chinaz we try to see if they would let us in but we get denied and have to wait until midnight. We then try to make the best of it by speaking with all sorts of people at the border. Iranian truck drivers, women in a pilgrimage to Bukhara and guards.

6 thoughts on “May 31st 2011”

  1. Ciao Roberto come va? Da quello che posso leggere e vedere mi sembra tutto bene!
    Posti magnifici, stupendi!
    Un saluto Fabrizio KTM

  2. BELLA TEO…..Son l’ Ale Barbieri…..non ho ancora letto niente del sito quindi non so dove tu sia ma ti mando un grandissimo in culo alla balena!!!Quando torni ti vengo a trovare…..

  3. Hey Boys
    Are these your new GIRL FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh dear!

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