May 30th 2011

After a great breakfast under beautiful old trees of the B&B Antica, we decide that a minor tune up for the bikes is needed. We are kindly showed a garage nearby where we would be able to do the job needed. Matteo has to change his oil and filters while I have to check my air filter and add some oil as well. Once the job was completed we return to the B&B and start our visit to this city of Samarqand that is full of history along the “ Silk Road “.

Thanks to Matteo’s beard an Imam stopped us and invited us to visit his Mosque. A pretty unique experience. Tired of the same food you can find in any little restaurants, we decide to accept a dinner that the owner’s of the B&B had prepared for its guest at their family home. With us there was an English man, three Germans and a Turkish lady. The dinner was a typical Uzbek dinner. Great salads to start following with a delicious Plov. A dish based on rice with all sort of vegetables and sheep meat. A pleasant evening that differs from the rest of them being on the road.

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