June 1st 2011

At midnight we are finally admitted into Kazachstan. Our rule # 1 is never ride at night so we decide to find a place to sleep for the night. Just outside the border we find a roof that could be suitable to sleep for a few hours. After a freezing night we wake up early heading to Taraz which is about 360 KM away. After a few kilometers we decide to have some breakfast in the first little town we encounter along the way. Our first impression of the Kazachi food is not the best. We are served a kind of pastry filled with onions and goat meat. Remember that it is 6.00 Am. The scenery is beautiful with immense valleys and mountains but the heavy traffic and Police keep us from enjoying it fully. At our first stop many curious people asking where we were from and taking a lot of pictures of us surround us. We were also requested some autographs from children. Now we know what it feels to be movie stars J. Some time in the late afternoon we arrive in Taraz. Early night due to the fact that we did not sleep very well the night before.

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