May 29th 2011

ON THE ROAD AGAIN toward Samarqand. We both are pretty happy and relaxed and since it is “ only “ a 300 Km leg we take it pretty easy. The people of Uzbekistan are extremely nice and welcoming. Even the Police keeps on stopping us just to say hello and wandering about our journey. At around 5.00 PM we arrive in Samarqand. Matteo’s guide on Central Asia recommends a little B&B named Antica. This B&B is a charming place located in the old part of town with a beautiful courtyard with lot’s of old trees. We are assigned the bedroom in which the famous dancer Barrico stayed as well. The owner of the B&B is a very kind woman and runs the place with her sister and family. After a nice shower we decide to wonder into town to see if we can update our blog at an internet café. In Uzbekistan internet is still pretty controlled and we are not able to connect. We than decide to go to bed after a light dinner and starting making plans for the cultural visit of the next day.

5 thoughts on “May 29th 2011”

  1. Awesome guys! I really enjoy reading the posts! Keep going strong. Great blog. All the best and good luck, derek

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