May 26th 2011

According to our plans today is a big and difficult one. We have about 650 Km to go in a hot humid desert. Matteo doesn’t feel good today. He thinks that the soup he had the night before made him feel that way. The roads are not getting any better, in fact they are getting worse. We have to pay close attention to the roads as it is not unusual to find holes big enough to crash if we were to drive into them. Approaching the Karagum desert the heat becomes a challenge for both of us. We have to push ourselves to arrive in Turkmenabat, last city before the Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan border at 8.00 PM. The experience of Turkmenistan has been overall great but we realize that the infrastructures for tourism are not yet ready. The following morning we drive toward the town of Farab to cross the border toward Uzbekistan.

Karagum Desert


Kids are hard workers in Turkmenistan


Local Bikers
Turkmenistan Family

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