May 27th 2011

After a good rested night we are on our way to Farab ( Town at the border between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan ). The border is the river Amu Darya. The river starts in Pakistan. Surprisingly we are able to cross the border without any difficulties and we are finally in Uzbekistan. Many say that from Uzbekistan onward you really feel being in Asia. After a few hundred meters we meet a pleasant individual named Vincent. He is a French engineer that is riding his bicycle from France to Nepal. He started his journey August 2010. Vincent at the age of 20 was diagnosed with a sort of leukemia cancer. Unfortunately he also went into coma twice. The first time from a major fall into a crevice in the mountains and later from a bicycle accident. Since then he was unable to find a job. He is trying to make the world aware that even challenged people are perfectly capable of working. Along his journey he is giving lectures and meet people with handicap. We were fortunate to share a lunch with Vincent. After a beautiful lunch we said our good byes and Matteo and myself headed for Bukhara. As soon as we enter the city we realize that this is really a special place. It has been a fundamental meeting point along the “Silk Road”.

End of one chapter and the beginning of another
Vincent Bernard

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