May 25th 2011

May 25th 2011

Tukmenistan must have the worse roads I have ever seen in my life full of holes. The scenery on the other hand was pretty amazing with desert on one side and a Mountain range with Iran on the other. We arrived in Ashgabat at around 5.00 PM and tried to locate a place to stay with an Internet connection. We realized that in Turkmenistan Internet is really limited and were not able to find one. The city of Ashgabat is a modern city build almost entirely with marble buildings and fountains. We found the city pretty vibrant due to the fact that it was the end of the school year. Lots of young people on the streets celebrating. We decide to go for dinner at the local bazaar where we each had some delicious soup and some grilled chicken. By visiting the local bazaar we notice that we are finally in Asia. The people’s facial expressions and features are gradually changing.

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