May 15th 2011


After months and months of planning we finally met in Ancona to board the ferry for Greece and start the trip together. The motorcycles are already having a love affair. As soon as we were on board we started having a few beers to celebrate the departure. The boat arrived on time in Igoumenitsa  (GR). We traveled toward the border with Turkey making it across at 8 PM. A total of 700Km in one day. The plan is to travel long distances in order to reach Georgia as soon as possible. A lot of ????? from there onward.

Igoumenitsa ferry arrival.

Turkish Border at Ipsala

12 thoughts on “May 15th 2011”

  1. mateo roberto – great to hear your start has been so good. samantha and i thought of you as our ferries crossed to and from greece. as our moto trip ends and your adventure begins we wish you an amazing and exciting adventure!

  2. Awesomepictures and the bikes look great…looking forward to the next updates.


  3. grazie Roby !! il tuo viaggio è bellissimo per noi che restiamo…posso almeno esserci virtualmente…baci e saluta il tuo amico !!!

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