May 13th 2011

I finally arrived in Italy. The weather is perfect, the lemon trees and flowers are out. It is a beautiful day. Do I really want to go I ask myself ? The answer is yes so I tried to arrange and balance the luggage on the bike for the first time. The bike just came out from the dealer for a major tune up and looks brand new. This won’t last very long. I am sure. We are trying to keep the overall weight to a minimum but it is impossible. I haven’t ridden a bike for a few month now and I hope I will get used to the weight I am carrying. Boy is this bike heavy……!!! Matteo is still organizing his stuff in Voghera (IT). We should meet in Ancona to board the ferry in the morning.

Roberto's bike
Matteo's bike

4 thoughts on “May 13th 2011”

  1. Thanks Buddy. I will. The good thing is that I know a doctor (a dam good one) in case I need some advise over skype.

  2. Hi Fred, All I know is that I need a Guardian Angel for sure. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Looking forward on some riding together.

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