13 comments on “Lalibela

  1. Great, you are coming home.
    Please bring one of those orange camouflage vests the shippers are wearing
    or the wood door from Lalibela, either one would be OK.

  2. What an amazing journey. No doubt you have made the correct decision regarding Egypt and Sudan. Sometimes the bravest decisions involve a retreat.
    Well done gentlemen and feel proud of what you have accomplished while I, for one, have sat on my ass at home (well, the Bahamas actually, but no more threatening than home)
    And – seriously brilliant photos as well.

    See you on the rock Roberto !

  3. Bravo, bravo et surtout pour la voie de la sagesse!! J’espère qu’on se voit en Italie. J’y sera vers le 25/26 avec Jerome. Auparavant Geneva des ce samedi 21. Baci émerveillés

  4. Just last night we were watching the video of Tumaini. We saw you and commented on the amazing work you Mamas are doing there. Way to go Rebecca. Thanks. ” If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have not spent a night with a mosquito”

  5. Great to hear your news and see the amazing photos from your travels

    Sound like you have made a sensible decision to ship the bikes from Ethiopia

    Stay safe and safari njema

    Kindest Regards

    Rebecca (Australia)

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