15 comments on “Ethiopia

  1. Ethiopia…the largest (88million) landlocked country in the world.
    Incredible place. Love the AK-47’s !! especially the personal touches each
    owner imparted to the barrel guards. You should ask to shoot one.

  2. Thanks Kevin, When they say 10% of the human population hold 90% of it all its true. It is also true that the smiles the 90% have are so much more genuine then the 10% of us. Lots to think about……. Cheers.

  3. All wonderful.Above all the eyes of the young girl in black and white photo.
    Ilaria, Massimo, Zeeva & Dolly

  4. Hello motor travellers…Am the cop you took a photo with on Isiolo-Moyale road…Matteo thanks for your interactions and i wish you the safest journey…i keep tabs with your every update

  5. Unbelievable pictures Roberto.Really captures the struggle for life in such a desolate country

    On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 2:31 PM, From Italy helping children around the world

  6. Thanks Veronique. I received your PM. Not to worry. By the way, nothing wrong with a good coffee near the Trevi fountain in beautiful Rome. My favorite city in the whole world.

  7. It was most wonderful to receive your very interesting (and very beautiful pictures) this morning, at breakfast time. I was very much in need of coffee (which I did not have with me) and could smell the astounding perfume of freshly toasted coffee, like they give it to you in Ethiopia. I had the pleasure of drinking it not in Ethiopia, but near Termini Station in Rome, where you could find ethiopian restaurants, 15 years ago. Please read carefully the private mail I am sending you. Lots of hugs ! Veronique.

  8. Boah, my friends!
    This indeed ist a totally strange country – maybe the strangest of your whole trip? Your are definitely from a different world! I guess, many of those people have never ever seen a motorbike before!
    I remember the way of crowding when you stop – hundreds of black faces around you, so close! Aren’t you afraid, they take away your gear? I guess, it’s quite dangerous, riding through the mass of people on the roads.
    I hope, you can fix you shock absorber soon, Roberto!
    Keep safe, enjoy and have fun, you two!
    Greetings from cold and snowy Germany, Susan

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