Virgen de Fatima. La Paz. Bolivia.


Finally after a few month of organizing and a long difficult adventure, the time to meet the children of the Virgen de Fatima has finally arrived. Claudio Calisti from the “Amici dei Bambini” came to visit us at our hotel in La Paz, to organize the visit to the orphanage that was planned for the following day. From the start we thank Claudio for all he is doing for the children and his dedication to the cause. Claudio is also congratulating us for the journey we have done so far to help the children.

On Saturday September 11th, 2013 we arrive to the orphanage with our motorcycles. We are introduced to the all staff that works 24/7 with the children. They take a great time explaining us how the Virgen de Fatima is structured and organized.



The centre is home for 120 children from 0 to 6 years old and it is subdivided into five little different colored  houses. From the beginning, entering into these little homes, we immediately feel that the energy and the attention to the children is not lacking, thanks to the attention provided to them from the “Mamacitas”. The Mamacitas are working staff that live and care for the children 24 hour a day. They often try to have a role of mothers and fathers to these children. Unfortunately these role are hard to replace but truly the Virgen de Fatima is still a salvation for these children. Often these children are abandoned, angry, or even abused from their natural parents. A tragedy in our eyes.


During our visit, the children are very curious in our regards. The most common behavior of these children is a clear lack of physical contact. They run toward you with their arm into the air and they all want to be picked up. Often when picked up they even call you papa. this is heartbreaking. This behavior is true to all children that are abandoned from their parents. In Mongolia we remember it was the same and it is a feeling we will never forget. We wish we could take them all home. Of course this is not possible but we are convinced that the little we are doing makes a big difference  in this part of the world.  Matteo and myself really want to thank all of  YOU   that made a donation to the cause and helping us making a difference. In speaking with Claudio Calisti it seems that some priorities for the centre are some structural fixes to the buildings. The roofs are to be redone in most of the little houses because it rains inside.  Also buying a particular milk that is very expensive, and important for the nutrition of the smaller children is among the priorities pointed out from Claudio. Claudio will provide us a list of priorities to which the funds collected will be allocated.



The kids welcomed us by organizing a musical show where we also had the opportunity to stay and play with all of them at once.  At this show also some government representatives were present, such as Ms. Cristina which is the director of the SEDEGES  ( Servicio Departamental de Gestión Social )  in La Paz. In the evening we were invited to a couple of television shows with Mrs Cristina. It is important to have as many people know the problems of abandoned children all over the world.  According to her there are close to 200.000.000 abandoned children in the world. It is a dramatic number and it is rising.













6 thoughts on “Virgen de Fatima. La Paz. Bolivia.”

  1. Wow. Can you imagine if we did not find a way out of that? When we made it to the border of Ecuador it really felt like the movie “Midnight Express”. Thanks again for everything Andres.

  2. They are trying to get an agreement with the farmers, hopefully the farmers will get some fair deals.. the problem is that the guerrilla (FARC) is trying to infiltrate people on the protests. However, It seems to be under control now. Take care.

  3. This is the most touching part of the trip. Thanks for doing that trip and sharing these emotions at Virgen de Fatima. Pascal

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