Please Help us make a difference !

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  • Marie Claude, first being present for our charity in Mongolia and still first for Colombia. Thank you!
  • Francesca, grazie a nome di tanti bambini.
  • Jean Leon, I will miss you. RIP.
  • Eimer and Kevin, Thanks. As usual always present.
  • Deepa and Pascal
  • Krista. Thank you sister.
  • Lee. Thanks you brother.
  • Grande Stefano. Con te poche parole ma ci capiamo. Grazie mille amico mio.
  • Thank you Brent. Means a lot to us.
  • Thank you Marty & Cheryl. You are helping making a difference.
  • Ohhhhh Kent. What can I say ? THANKS 🙂
  • Evelyn and Doug. Thank you.
  • Vistarini SRL
  • Centro revisioni Magneti Marelli
  • Bar Al Maestar
  • Tabaccheria Greggio
  • Pizzeria Poco di Buono
  • Motorland
  • Guido Colla Fotografie
  • Officina dell’auto
  • Mirko and family
  • Sandro & Costanza
  • 4D
  • Gianni Buscaglia

MONGOLIA (Completed)

  • Thanks Guy for your kind support. Looking forward to many adventures together.
  • Jean Leon, your generosity always amazes me. You are a mentor to me.
  • Marie-Claude, come sempre grazie per il tuo supporto.
  • Francesca, grazie per la tua generosita’.
  • Stefano, grazie per il gesto ma soprattutto per la tua amicizia.
  • Thanks lee, Get your bike to Mongolia and make sure we do the 2nd segment together my friend.
  • Kent, Thanks to you I was able to discover this amazing country such as Canada. I feel very fortunate to have a friend like you. Thanks for your donation buddy.
  • Trent, Your support for the orphanage in Mongolia means a lot to me. Get ready for the presentation……..Thanks.
  • Mike, I know we are all making a difference. Thank you very much for showing up and help with the Orphanage.
  • Chris and Anne, Thank you for your generosity. What can I say…..we love children.
  • Jenny, You are always present when in need. Thank you very much for your support.  
  • Krista, hey sister, thanks for your support.
  • Evelyn, your contribution is much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Jenn & Brent, What can I say, You guys already give so much to the community in your everyday lives. Your donation to the orphanage is something that moves me quite a bit. Thanks guys.
  • Beautiful to receive an email saying  you were on board. Thank you very much Peter and Nancy for your donation.
  • One morning in April, my friend Lee, send me a photo of myself in Turkey reminding me how out of shape I was for this trip ( Good friend ehhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂 ?). I then decided to contact Julia, owner of Action Pact Fitness, who in just 3 weeks was able to change my overall strength. Julia donated one hour of training for the “Good Cause”. Thank you Julia. See you when I get back. I promise.

Before                                                                                       After


  • One day in Bukhara, Matteo and myself were having lunch when Massimiliano from Macerata in Italy, having read about our ” Good Cause ” approached us and wanted to contribute as well. Thank you very much Massimiliano.

This is the certificate that the Association “Amici dei Bambini” have printed in a beautiful paper. Matteo and myself will deliver this certificate directly to the Orphanage upon our arrival. I really want to thank all of you for your kind support.


2 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. Nice to hear from. I’m also in need of donor to help me run orphanage. Thank you.

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