A path with no obstacle often does not lead anywhere

The main attraction of Peru’ such as Machu Picchu and lake Titicaca  will be visited later in our journey. The first part of our Peru’ will be an authentic surprise for us.

Following an itinerary that is far from being the main one, such as the Pan-American, we discover trails and secondary roads surrounded by typical  tropical environment with faunas and high humidity.  Our path often follows big Amazonian rivers with red waters such as the RIO HUALLAGA.




The itinerary we choose, later will take us to riding through the highlands, where the environment drastically changes due to the high altitude. We ride through Andean villages along dusty roads full of holes but we both feel very exited and enthusiastic. We start to breathe the air from the Andes. We meet women dressed in their colorful typical costumes, the alpacas are all over eating grass freely and we feel we are traveling through a place where time has stopped.IMG_1453






The days riding are getting longer due to the conditions of the roads. We ride from 2800mt to 4200mt above sea level all the time through breathtaking canyons such as the one of the Rio Mantaro. Because of the sunset we are riding in what looks a perfect set for a western movie full of red rocks and dry plants.




We would be lying if we would say that it all went without some troubles along the way. For example, when Matteo was trying to fix a screw onto my bike he cut himself with a knife forcing him to go to the emergency and have five stitches applied to his left hand.


Or when my KTM, after a terrible trail started to loose power. We were at about 100 KM from the next populated town and the noises that came from the engine were not reassuring at all. It turned out to be a problem with the valves. I thought my trip was going to end there, but thanks to a mechanic called Rocky It was sort of  fixed in the next town and thanks to that we were allowed to continue our journey to the Sacred Valley with final destination Cusco. The gateway to the magnificent Cordillera Vilcanota.




6 thoughts on “A path with no obstacle often does not lead anywhere”

  1. You would have loved it. The only problem is that I don’t think you would have made it across Colombia on a 4×4. Time to start riding a motorcycle my friend. 🙂

  2. Can’t believe how gorgeous everything is. The hats in Peru are the best…those little scrub spruce trees look like perfect christmas trees. How does Matteos wound affect his driving?

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