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August 1st, 2012

We still can’t believe the luck of having met Thyerri and Alvaro in Ulan Bataar. Thanks to their knowledge of fixing our bikes we were able to leave this morning heading toward the Russian border. Thierry decides to change his plans to go to Vladivostok and come with us to Japan. Matteo and myself can’t ask for any one better to come with us across Siberia. Siberia is a hard place to be and the more we are the safer it will be. The three of us leave Ulaanbataar at around noon after having settle the bill with Sybille at the OASIS caffe & guesthouse. The trip out of Mongolia is pretty easy because the road is paved and the scenery is not what we experienced last year. Many people arrive to Mongolia from the north and leave from the same routes. If you plan to visit Mongolia make sure you enter from the western border of Tashanta and make your way to the Capital city of Ulaanbataar. If you just do the north part in and out you have not been to this magic place. Anyway, we arrive to the border with no complication and go through custom in a relative smooth way. Decompressing from all the stress caused the day before we decide to find a cheap place in the little border village of Kyakhta. Total cost for a room for the three of us was 1500 Rubles. At this little hotel we meet a German guy that is doing basically the same route as we are. The only difference is that he is doing it on a bicycle. His name is Stephen Herb and I understand this is not his first trip of this kind. Its hard enough doing what we are doing on a motorcycle but I can’t imagine doing this on a bicycle. Good luck Stephen, have a great journey.

Please visit under “our Photos”  Mongolia to Japan for additional photos.

Stephen herb and us having breakfast
On my way
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