What a start………

July 31, 2012

What a Shitty start.

Hello friends,

Finally we are here in UlanBataar to start our journey. What a start this has been.

Matteo has lost his luggage with all his belongings and I was prepared to share my only two underwear I own. In a very bad mood we finally arrive to our location where we left our motorcycles last year. We were extremely happy to see them and ear their voices. Surprise Surprise…. No voice to be heard. You should have seen our faces.

Matteo’s Expression

All our planning is in jeopardy. Two options for us. Give up or try to fix the problems even if our mechanical knowledge is limited and here in Mongolia even finding a spur plug is almost impossible.

Of course we choose the second and start working on the motorcycles. We worked no stop for the full 2 days and are ready to go. It turned out that we both had fuel pump issues.

Thanks to the 2 mechanics we are able to continue our trip.

To feel again more in tunes with the local culture we found this charming place to sleep at night and rest before entering Siberia tomorrow.

Coffe brake.

Off to Siberia in the morning.

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