Conclusion of 1st Segment

This has been a truly magical journey for Matteo and myself. We are both keen in learning about new cultures and having the same passion about adventure and traveling on motorcycles. All this made two perfect strangers such as us to be able to accomplish a non-easy journey through many different countries. I met Matteo just last year in Turkey, and stayed together for only a couple of days before this trip. We have gone trough some dangerous and difficult times on this journey and all this made us a great strong team, but most of all we became great friends. We trusted one another with all we had. We have learned a lot from each another and we strongly believed that destiny made a huge part in all of this. ON THE ROAD AGAIN FOR THE 2nd SEGMENT VERY SOON MY FRIEND.

10 thoughts on “Conclusion of 1st Segment”

  1. Mission accomplished with great memories for sure! I look forward to you sharing some more of your memories with your moto group buddies back in Victoria! Thanks for all the effort you made in sharing the adventure with all of us! Cheers!

  2. Hey Roberto !
    Congratulations on a fantastic adventure ! Looks like an amazing trip. Look forward to seeing you on the island.
    On another note, i hope you got the recipe for that stew …… it would go very nicely on our pub menu.

  3. Roberto, life changing for sure. I envy you and your great adventure, we look forward to part 2. See you back in Canada soon!


  4. Peccato sia finita…. ero abituata a seguirvi e ricevere vostre notizie…!!! Bravissimi e alla prossima ! Foto strepitose…

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