6 comments on “Kindergarden 58

  1. Matteo and myself are missing all of you. Thank you very much for the great welcoming you provided us upon our arrival in Kindergarden 58. Your work is special and we know the children are well taken care with your kind and professional mission. We will see all of you next year, when we come back to Mongolia to continue our trip around the world. Cheers.

  2. Ciao ? Roberto and Mateo..
    we all mongolian social workers..
    Thank you..

  3. Roberto and Mateo – I can only imagine the emotional and physical highs and lows of your adventure and the satisfaction you must feel in accomplishing something so personally challenging. To have ended your trip with this visit and donation that will truly help this group of children in a far away place escalates your adventure to truly “great”. Bravo.

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