On the Road Again

Back In Usa River Tanzania to pick up our motorcycles and start our journey north toward Nairobi in Kenya. It is a strange feeling to be back to see the children we left behind a month ago.



We have to congratulate Cherie and all of her staff for the fantastic work they are doing at the Tumaini Children Foundation.

Cherie Szuchs

It is time for us to start our journey toward the Kenyan border which is about 150 Km from Arusha. The border town is called Namanga. The exit from Tanzania and entering into Kenya are pretty straight forward process, even though in Kenya the custom agent was requiring the Carnet de Passage for our motorcycles to enter the country which we did not have. After a bit of negotiation we were allowed to enter anyway under a temporary import permit that is valid for one month.


Our first goal is to reach Kitengela, where Leo Murotto and his wife Maria along with their daughters Lucia and Jessica, friends of my sister, are waiting for us and have offered to host us for the night. Leo’s family started Urafiki medical centre five years ago. Urafiki Medical Centre is a real ambulatory and pharmacy dispensary that provides  the inhabitants of the area a great help in curing usual health issues such as dental,birth, and other more common issues. Thanks to their equipped lab, they are able to diagnose more critical diseases such as tuberculosis, aids, and cancer. Another great concern of theirs, is to look after the many malnourished children in the area. During our dinner together we were able to really understand the difference Leo and his family are making. Really a great job.  WOW Matteo and myself are very impressed.

The following day we are in need to reach Nairobi in order to service our motorcycles and changing tires. Our destination is the KTM dealer in Nairobi. Not far from the dealership is Jungle Junction where we had already planned to stay a couple of days in order to meet and exchange stories with other over landers. Jungle Junction is the perfect place to rest and repair your bike in case you need it. It offers great accommodation, great food, and knowledgeable mechanical help. Unfortunately there is no one that is traveling from North to South therefore we are not getting any news on road and general safety conditions. All people who are here at this time are in the same situation as ours, traveling from South to North.  In Particular a swiss couple that has been on the road for 3 years now. Nikole got pregnant while on the road and gave birth to their son Kevin in Thailand. Read their amazing story here. 



6 thoughts on “On the Road Again”

  1. Hey R – thx for the update. I like your plan to ship bikes from sudan or ethiopia. Be safe you 2!! Cheers Lee

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