Left Cape town early in the morning in order to reach Namibia as soon as possible and make up for the lost time clearing our bikes into South Africa. Cape Town is about 800 KM to the Namibian border. The procedure to clear the bikes out of South Africa was pretty simple procedure but still required a couple of hours waiting at the border. Entering into Namibia was a piece of cake in comparison. All we needed to do was registered with immigration and pay a road tax in the amount of $ 22 per bike. That is it. The simpler border crossing we ever encounter since our departure from this trip around the world.

Fish River (12 of 12)

Our first impression about Namibia is a bare and dry deserted country resembling Turkmenistan. We decide to go visit the FISH RIVER CANYON, which is known to be the 2nd largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Fish River (7 of 12)
Fish River Canyon
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Fish River (3 of 12)

Namibia is the first country where we feel we are in Africa. The landscape, color, people are magical. South Africa was great but we did not have a chance to visit the way we wanted to. What we visited did not transport us in Africa as the country is very westernized. Cape Town especially.

The trails we choose to do with our motorcycles are a dream come true. They are large bare and dry.

Fish River (10 of 12)

Fish River (11 of 12)

Fish River (5 of 12)

Last night we decided to camp in the desert. The plan is to go to bed very early as we have to make some time to get back on our schedule.

We wake up after an amazing night under the stars and get ourselves together for what will be a long day riding through Namibia. Not much to share other than showing some photos of the day. Drove for about 8 hours in a unbearable heat.

Fish River (2 of 12)

Fish River (1 of 12)

Namibia (5 of 5)

Namibia (4 of 5)

Namibia (3 of 5)

Namibia (1 of 5)

Namibia (2 of 5)

Fish River (8 of 12)

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