On january 7, 2014 we will start the last segment of South America. Our travels will take us from the city of La Serena in Chile, to the most southern tip of the world. La tierra del Fuego. The plan is to travel along the Carrettera Austral in Chile and then cross into Argentina along the famous ruta 40 all the way to Ushuaia. I visited Ushuaia and other part of Tierra del Fuego back in 1996 and I remember it to be a magical place. Back then, I also remember thinking to myself that I wished I was on my motorcycle. At the time I had an old BMW r 80 GS  sitting in my garage in Italy. It’s hard to believe that 17 years later, I am living my dream of returning to la Tierra del Fuego on my motorcycle. 🙂 .Matteo and myself are very exited about this segment of our journey.

In September, after entering Chile from Bolivia we left our motorcycle in the city of La Serena. We managed to store the bikes at the local KTM dealership where they are being cared for with a total tune up. They deserve it as the first segment through South America was, to say the list, a bit technical.

Entering Chile
Entering Chile from Bolivia
On our way to San Pedro de Atacama
On our way to San Pedro de Atacama
La mano de desierto
La mano de desierto
The Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert

After reaching Ushuaia, our plan is to travel north through Patagonia direction Buenos Aires, where the bikes will be shipped to South Africa. What ? What did I just write? South Africa ? OMG! Africa.

Africa is getting closer in our thoughts. When we started this amazing journey from Italy in 2011, Africa was so far away in our Imagination. We never really believed it. We all run pretty busy lives, but with our determination and most of all, the support from our families, it is coming to be a reality for us. Thanks again to the best wife (Marci) and best girlfriend (Laura) on earth that are making this adventure possible for two crazy dudes such as Matteo and myself.

Make sure you follow our journey through the last part of South America starting in January 2014.

Our Route
Our Route

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  1. saludos muchachos y espero que tengan muy buen viaje en esta nueva etapa que se an trazado.

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