This next post could be written about all countries we have been so far. Prior entering Colombia, the comments we would receive from people was that we were crazy to do it. According to them traveling through Colombia is far too dangerous. We can’t deny that we had a certain discomfort before packing up our motorcycle and start crossing what we now know of being a great beautiful country. Many times, in our travels, we had people talking poorly about countries without a real knowledge about them. Such common ” wrong” perception is true for many countries we crossed until now. For example, according to people in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan was supposed to be dangerous and unfriendly to foreign people. It turned out to be one of our favorite.  For this very reason is the least we can do to put the story straight. Other than some difficulties in eastern Siberia, we were always welcome in an incredible positive way from anyone we encounter in our travels with our motorcycles. This is particularly true for Colombia. After a few kilometers, we felt safe and welcome at the same time. Of course you still have to take some precautions when traveling in this country but this is true anywhere in the world. Our advice is to visit Colombia. it is a beautiful and generous country.   We would like to thank our new Colombian friends Andres, Edwin,Fernando for being so hospitable to us. They accompanied us from Bogotá’ to Girardot showing us a beautiful road that was later taking us to another stretch oft road called ” La Ligna”. This is a dangerous mountain road that reaches 11,000 feet in altitude that has to be crossed in order to get to Cali. Thanks again FRIENDS. What a ride !!!!!



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