Costa Rica

Woke up early this morning as our goal is to make it to Costa Rica. Looking at our GPS and maps we decide to try a different border crossing. We decide to head to San Carlos and take a small boat that will take us to Los Chiles in Costa Rica. This border crossing is not used for vehicles but our determination after the road of terror in Nicaragua is pretty high. Off at around 9 AM we travels on a beautiful paved road all the way to San Carlos. Close to the town a big bridge is under construction and we are told that it will serve as a main border to Costa Rica. It will take another year to be built and I am sure that the experience we are about to live will not be possible anymore with the main border in operation. As soon as we arrive in San Carlos we head to the river where a small immigration office is located to do the bureaucratic paper to leave Nicaragua. We ask about our options for Costa Rica and we are told that there is a boat at 4 PM that might be able to take us. It is only noon therefore I try to arrange with some locals the possibility to hire a boat to take us to Los Chiles. Of course it is possible but the price is too high and on top of it, the military will not allow it because the guy that would have taken us does not hold a license to carry goods but only people. The only possibility for us is to wait for the bigger boat at 4 PM. The boat that is supposed to take us across the border along the “Rio Frio” is everything but a big boat and the place we are supposed to load our bikes is designed for loading passengers only and not bikes. We have soon a big crowd of people watching us trying to put our heavy bikes onto this small little catamaran. The river is magical. Very mystical. Along the river there are still some people who live with very little exchange with the outside world. I start talking to the captain and he tells me that on that river there are lots of crocodile, snakes and all the other beautiful creature that I absolutely detest . My head starts to play funny games so I quickly drink a couple of beers to relax and admire the scenery in front of my eyes. Due to the difficulty on loading our bikes, we leave Nicaragua late in the afternoon and we know that the little border crossing will be close upon our arrival. After 1 1/2 hours of cruising we arrive to the place where we are supposed to disembark but unloading the bikes is a hard task. It takes us another 45 minutes to do it. The vegetation in Costa Rica is magnificent. On the trees we start seeing many monkeys of different species. Matthew Lee and myself included.






Screen shot 2013 03 23 at 9 06 12 PM

Screen shot 2013 03 23 at 9 06 48 PM

Screen shot 2013 03 23 at 9 06 58 PM

Screen shot 2013 03 23 at 9 07 44 PM

Screen shot 2013 03 23 at 9 07 52 PM

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