Truly the country of the raising SUN

Traveling the world on our motorcycles, we have the possibility to see many beautiful things but unfortunately it is inevitable to encounter along the way some real tragedy.

Our itinerary took us on the east coast of Japan in the provinces of Miyagi and Fukushima where the 11th of March, 2011 a huge Tsunami devastated the area. After more than a year later, it is obvious to our eyes how ferocious this tsunami was. The heart and sorrow of the local people is still very tangible. We ride the roads of the disaster in absolute disbelief and so Matteo, Thierry, and myself pass the rest of the entire day in silence.

Our respect and admiration for the Japanese population is high, especially after we witness the great desire they show in rebuilding and restarting, united in a great sense of dignity and honor.

On August 24th 2012, We travelled to see the Peace Museum In Hiroshima to directly witness the damages caused by the Atomic bomb. It is unnecessary to describe our mood after our visit to the museum.

Surprisingly we were touched positively about the story of Sadako Sasaki who was exposed to radiation from the atomic bomb at the age of two. Ten years later Sadako developed Leukemia that ultimately ended her life. During her illness, Sadako, decided to build 1000 paper cranes. The cranes in Japan have a meaning of happiness and longevity. Unfortunately she died before she was able to finish her project that was completed by her classmates. Sadako’s untimely death compelled her classmates to begin a call for the construction of a monument for all children who died due to the atomic bomb. Built with contributions from more than 3200 schools in Japan and donors in nine countries, the Children Peace Monument was unveiled on May 5, 1958.

4 thoughts on “Truly the country of the raising SUN”

  1. Once again Roberto you have reduced me to tears, Hiroshima museum brought back memories of when we visited in 1999. Japan is a complex amazing country and we hope to go back one day.


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