Movie Stars

August 9, 2012

Off early in the morning. Our plans is to arrive to Vanino which is at about 620 Kilometers from Khabarovsk. On our way out of the city Thierry, forgot his very important gel seat at the motorcycle shop. While we were going back to the shop a news crew from the local television stopped us. They read on the city’s blog that we were traveling through their town and wanted to interview us.  Of course we were delighted to be interviewed and explained what we were doing. This was a great way to publicize our project for the abandoned children around the world. The impression we all had was quite a surprised one, as we never expected to be so out of the ordinary. Stopping to talk to the people and explain to them what we had done so far and what was lying ahead of us, made us realize that we were so far from our homes on our motorcycles and I can’t deny we all had a positive sense of accomplishment.  After our good byes we take the “road” to Vanino when after about 100 Kilometers we notice that Thierry’s bike is loosing engine oil. Of course we get to work in order to repair the problem. It turn out that the oil was leaking from the oil filter. Thank God I had a proper o-ring that we used to fix the leaking but wasted lots of time and knew that we were not going to make it to Vanino.

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