Mission Accomplished

Finally after long months of preparation and 12,000 KM of driving trough different cultures, religions, faces, ways of saying hello and good-byes, food, languages, landscapes, we made it to Mongolia. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Traveling in this country means not to follow roads but just headings which can give you spectacular sceneries and emotions.

22 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished”

  1. One of the rocks you used to pin dowm your tent is probably a meteorite.
    That is prime land for meteorite hunting. I am on my way!!!

  2. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!
    Great work gentleman. Thanks for sharing the experience….
    Safe returns!

  3. What a brilliant trip.You really captured the feel of each destination and brought it to life through your pictures.Thank you for that.Congratulazioni


  4. Awesome trip guys! Congratulations. A good cause and a great adventure. All the best and have a safe journey home. Derek

  5. Le foto sono bellissime. Molti parlano dei sogni; pochi li realizzano. I “giorni grandi” son destinati a pochi entusiasti della vita.
    Complimenti vivissimi. Un abbraccio.

  6. Roberto
    Congratulations on completion of your epic journey. You both have truly big hearts, & the orphanage is better off to-day, thanks to you making this epic trip.

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