June 5th

We wake up absolutely destroyed due to the arsh driving of yesterday. We arrive at the border with Russia at 11.00 AM with some sort of mixed feeling on how the crossing will go. In the past we heard that the procedures can be somewhat difficult. We were pretty surprised to find out that it was the opposite. In only 20 minutes we were in Russia without any problems. We ride toward Bernaul and arrive at 8.00 PM and we go to a local Biker Club ( Stalvet ) www.stalvet.ru  because in the morning we plan to change the tires. The people of the club are very nice to us and help us in any way possible. They wanted to share bikes stories with us accompanied by a bunch of Russian beer.

2 thoughts on “June 5th”

  1. I knew something wasn’t right about Matteo
    Finally the truth is revealed.
    What’s the other half look like.
    Roberto’s legs are nicer
    What happens in Russia……..
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Matteo is too old for piggy back rides
    Do those stockings make you faster on that bike?
    And of course does the carpet match the drapes?????

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