As we are having difficulties finding good internet connections we will update more in every country at random times, so make sure you go back to browse past post that might have been updated with videos and pictures.

Turkmenistan is the most mysterious and unexplored territory of all the “ Stan “ states. It became famous for the strange dictatorship of Naparmyrat Niyazov. He builds numerous golden statues of himself and huge monuments all over the country. Visiting ancient cities like Merv, Misrian, and Konye-Urgench it’s easy to imagine the old population crossing the Silk Road with their camels. It is not easy to travel on your own in Turkmenistan. Someone is always watching you. Internet is very difficult to find and some sites like “you tube” are even forbidden. It is still a very secretive country. We have been told not to take pictures prior permission if we want to avoid being taken into custody for questioning

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